School Policies » Dress Code

Dress Code

All clothing is expected to be appropriate for maintaining a proper learning environment in a positive school climate. Any clothing or grooming that may reasonably be expected to cause disruption or interference with normal school operations will not be permitted. This dress code applies for the entire school day and for all school functions. Exceptions will be announced for special school events.

Health and religious exceptions will be considered on an individual basis. A waiver request must be submitted to and approved by the administration.

Students in violation of this dress code will not be allowed to attend class until dressed appropriately. Parents/guardians will be notified and will have to option to bring appropriate change of clothes to school or take the student home to change clothes. If the parent/guardian cannot be contacted, the student will be assigned in-school suspension for the rest of the day.

In keeping with a positive and safe academic environment, the following guidelines for proper school attire will be in effect.  Note that uniform shirts MUST be worn DAILY unless noted for special "uniform free" days approved by the administration.
  • Uniform shirts are REQUIRED to be worn daily.
  • Sunglasses and head covering, such as caps, hats, visors, and bandannas, are not allowed in the classrooms, and/or inside any other classrooms/buildings.
  • Make-up is not allowed.
  • Students may not wear garments which depict the following: drugs, tobacco, alcohol, sex, violence, obscenities, illegal and/or gang activities.
  • Students may not wear clothing that exposes the chest, abdomen area, or underwear, such as strapless, off the shoulder, see-through, or over sized clothing.
  • Pants and shorts will be secured at the waist. No sagging below the waist or exposing undergarments.
  • Skirts, shorts and dresses should be no shorter than fingertips with both arms extend straight down to the sides.
  • For protection and safety, footwear is required during school hours. Footwear may not be higher than one inch. Footwear should not have slick soles.