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Parent Conferences/Progress Reports

Parent Conferences
Conferences are an integral part of the reporting system and by far the best means of communication between teacher and parent. They provide invaluable information and procedures in working for the common welfare of the child. If you have any questions or doubts concerning your child, please contact the teacher, who may also request a conference on matters concerning your child.
Should you wish to schedule a conference, please send a note directly to the teacher so a mutually convenient time that allows adequate preparation for the conference can be arranged.
Teachers are NOT allowed to meet while students are in their classes, so conferences should be arranged during non-class hours. Conferences may be arranged by appointment throughout the school year.
At the end of the 1st Quarter, Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled for all students in Grades K-6. The first of four report cards will be discussed at this conference.

Progress Reports
Reports to parents are prepared four times a year at the end of every quarter. These reports are intended to keep parents informed about their child’s progress in school. Additional information on progress reports and conferences are provided through the Parent Bulletin.