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School Lunch Program

The School Lunch Program is designed to provide nutritious meals at minimal cost. All students are expected to eat lunch, which may be purchased or brought from home daily. A ½ pint of milk is included with each lunch purchase or can be bought separately.

Students allergic to milk may have a substitute (juice) if a doctor’s verification is provided.

The lunch menu can be found in the notice sent home each month.

Lunch Loans
Students who do not have money for lunch that day may call parents to bring lunch or money to school by the lunch period. If a parent cannot be contacted, one lunch loan for the cost of lunch may be requested. Loans must be repaid the following day. Additional loans will not be made if there is an outstanding loan.

Free/Reduced Meal Program
If you wish to apply, a completed application form for Free and Reduced-Price Meal Program must be submitted. Income criterion for determining eligibility changes from year to year and must be updated as your financial situation changes. All forms should be submitted to the school office.

A copy of your most recent paycheck stub or LES must be submitted with the application. Copies will NOT be returned. All applications are verified.

You will be notified if your child:
  • qualifies for free breakfast and lunch
  • qualifies for reduced breakfast and lunch (partially free breakfast and lunch)
  • does not qualify for free/reduced meals.