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Health Room

The Health Room is for emergency first aid (accidents, injuries and sudden illnesses) which occur at school.

Medication Alert
Starting August 1999, all medications administered from the health room must have a Doctor’s signed SH-36, Request for Administration/Storage of Medication in School. (Forms are available in health room). Otherwise it will not be administered.

This includes all medication, even those given for only one or two days such as antibiotics, cough syrup, cold medication & Tylenol. No exceptions can be made.

Illness/Injury at School

If your child becomes ill or is injured in school, immediate first-aid care will be provided. School personnel cannot administer any medication to students and we cannot keep sick children in school. If you are unable to come in person, inform the school as to will come instead so the safety of your child is constantly assured. The school’s register must also be signed before the child is released.