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Vision and Mission

At Red Hill Elementary School, our mission is to provide guidance and instruction, which enable students to reach their maximum potential and empower them to meet challenges in our ever changing society.
We believe that:
• Every child can learn and is worthy
• High expectations foster high achievement
• A positive school climate is conducive to learning
• Learners do their best work in a nurturing environment where effort and achievement are recognized
• Education is a cooperative effort of the school, home, and community
• Modeling of acceptable behaviors and positive attitudes is essential for achieving our mission
We envision Red Hill Elementary School as a community of learners in an innovative and challenging educational environment in which skills and attitudes of life-long learners are acquired, socially responsible citizens of the world show respect for self and others, and every citizen works cooperatively to provide quality education.
The mission of Red Hill Elementary School is to provide the guidance and instruction which will enable students to reach their maximum potential, empowering them to meet the challenges in our ever-changing society. 3
Our Mission…For Students in the Moanalua Complex
Students in the Moanalua Complex will be able to…
- Demonstrate a proficiency and integrity in academics
- Think critically, creatively, and ethically
- Use effective intra-personal and inter-personal skills
- Contribute positively to our global society
- Problem solve and make responsible decisions
Our Vision…of a Moanalua Complex Graduate
Moanalua Complex Graduates will be able to…
- Realize their individual goals and aspirations
- Possess attitudes, knowledge and skills necessary to contribute positively and compete in a global society
- Exercise the rights and responsibilities of citizenship
- Pursue the post-secondary education and/or careers without the need for remediation