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School Bus Policies

The Coast Guard and Aliamanu Military Reservation (AMR) provide buses for transporting students to and from their respective housing areas. Any questions or problems concerning the buses should, therefore, be directed to their offices

Buses are provided for safety reasons. All students are expected to follow bus rules and regulations. Bus drivers will report misbehaviors to the military command. Any written report received by the school will be immediately forwarded to the housing office.

Students from Coast Guard Phase II, Red Hill Terrace and the AMR ride the buses in the morning and afternoon.

The street names of the three community areas involved are listed below:

Coast Guard, Phase II
  • Kukui Drive
  • Itasca Circle
  • Nettle Drive
  • Taney Circle

Red Hill Terrace
  • Red Hill Terrace

Aliamanu Military Reservation
  • Cocos Place
  • Eucalyptus Place
  • Halawa View Loop
  • Koa Place
  • Octopus Place
  • Olive Place
  • Poinciana Place
  • Shower Place
  • Valley View Loop

Students from Coast Guard Phase I walk to school via two paths at Eagle Circle and the Phase I ball field near the top of Tampa Drive.

Schedules may be obtained from the housing office.