Grade 4

4th Grade Weekly Choice Board - Week: 5/25-5/28

Directions:  Explore the review & enrichment activities below as a way to keep your brain active while we are away from school!  Throughout the week, please try out a couple of activities (or more!) from each column.  A new choice board will be posted each week, but you are always welcome to go back to previous choice boards as well.  Also, don’t forget to continue your lessons on iReady Reading & Math twice a week for 30 minutes.  If you have questions or need help, please check in with your teacher during Office Hours on Tuesday & Wednesday from 1:00 - 2:00.  Please note:  Quizlet Live will be on Thursday at 12:30 this week.




Social Studies

Art & Imagination

Reading Comprehension:

Read for 20 minutes.  Try a

-Book at home

-E-book from the Hawaii public library

-Other online resources 

-Celebrity or astronaut read aloud!

Summer Reading Challenge:

This summer, try exploring different reading genres and keep track of them on this chart.


Reading Skill:  

Making Inferences


Where Am I?  - Answer Key


-Sir Readalot - choose Draw Conclusions

Vocabulary Practice:

Wordly Wise 20- Practice on  Quizlet with a Quick Reference Sheet or use a Packet.  

Play Quizlet Live with other RHES 4th Graders on Thursday at 12:30 pm.  The join code will be posted in Classroom at 12:15.


Write a letter to your future 5th grade teacher.

Google Classroom .->Classwork -> End of Year -> Letter to Next Year’s 5th Grade Teacher

Skill Practice: 

Order of Operations

-Order of Operations Video

-Brain Pop**

Online Practice:

-Temple Tantrums

-High Stakes Heist

-Play Prodigy - Your teacher has assigned questions related to order of operations to you.


Offline Practice:

-Missing Operation - Answer Key

-Order of Operations Practice - Answer Key

Weekly Review Concept:  

Problem Solving

Summer Enrichment Activity:

-Plan a Dream Vacation

Go to:Google Classroom ->Classwork -> Math ->Week 8 - Dream Vacation

Problem of the Week:

Digital Cognition Cubes

Go to:Google Classroom ->Classwork -> Math ->Week 8 Cognition Cubes

Choose a set of puzzles to work on.  Set 2 is easier and Set 4 is more challenging!  Just play for fun or click “Turn In” to have your teacher check your work!


Review Topic:  

Biomes & Ecosystems



-Changes in Ecosystems


After the video, click on “Test Yourself” to check your understanding!

Enrichment Activity:


Draw a biome.  Your drawing should show your biome’s weather, plants and animals.


Build a Biome

NOAA Webinars:

NOAA will be holding a series of Webinars similar to Whale Talk and Hurricanes at Home.  These sessions will be open to the public, not only RHES students.  Please click on the flyer for more details.

Enrichment Topic:  

Plantation Village - Part 3

Interactive Video:

Plantation Village Part 3

As you watch the video, answer  these questions

Answer Key


-Hawaii’s Rainbow of Cultures - Part 2


Go to Google Classroom ->Classwork

-> Social Studies

Complete the Week 8 Response and give feedback to at least 2 classmates.

The HI Way:

Video by Honolulu Theatre for Youth about how to take care of ourselves and stay Happy and Healthy while sheltering at home.

Virtual Field Trips:

Disneyland, Disney World and Epcot Center! 

Virtual Math and Stem Fair

Summer Art Projects:

Minecraft Selfies: 

Video, Written Directions

Paper Plate Flowers

Abstract Watercolor Art

Digital Memory Book:

Continue working on your digital memory book of this year! Go to:

Google Classroom ->Classwork -> End of Year -> 4th Grade Digital Memory Book

End of Year Survey - Part 2:

Reflect and give feedback about this year. Go to:

Google Classroom ->Classwork -> End of Year -> End of Year Survey - Part 2

Pidgin Lesson:

-Pidgin Goes to Court

- English Standard Schools


** Use your Clever badge to login to BrainPOP.