Grade 3


Red Hill Weekly Choice Board

Grade: 3

Week: 8 (May 26th-28th)

Directions: The following activities have been compiled by the grade level to support the review of concepts that have been covered from quarter 1-3.  Each of the following activities are suggested for your child to complete throughout the week posted.  This is a way for your families to adjust to your schedules at home and for students to have a choice as to when they would like to complete the activities throughout the week.  Each activity shouldn’t take more than about 20-30 minutes to complete. For more resources click here @hawaiipublicschools





Social Studies

Free Choice

Story: In Google Classroom, read “The Wise Choice”

Reading Response: After reading the article, click “Questions.”

Review Concept:

Rounding game (Astro blaster)

Fraction game (Fraction fighters)

Knights Vs. Orcs (Choose multiplication or division facts)

Place value game (Bango)

Article: Read the assigned article in BrainPOP “Famous Faces”


Read along to the story “The Wall” by Eve Bunting

Summer Break starts next week! Learn about the powerful Sun and then Make sun paper

Vocabulary: In Google Classroom, using the same story, click on “Vocabulary” activity.

Skill Practice

Click the links above to review the 4 different skills!

Response: After watching the BrainPOP movie, take the quiz

Then try this #RainbowTrail A Coding & Coloring Activity


Share with someone at home what you learned about the importance of Memorial Day

Harness the energy of the sun with your own DIY solar-oven

Reading Skill: Theme

Enrichment Activity: Watch this video Real Life Math.

Then find examples of real life math around you (at home, in your yard, etc). 

Enrichment Activity:

Play the Binary Coding games in BrainPOP -  Blockly Maze & CodeCombat: Orge Encounter

Enrichment Activity:

Pick one of the following:

Write a Letter to a Veteran

Make a Patriotic Wreath

Painting for Kids: How to Make a Salt Painting With Watercolors

Write: Question #5 in Google Classroom.  Type  your response as a RACE paragraph.

Problem of the Day: Click this link to solve the Mystery Number problem of the day. 

*optional send a pic to teacher

Video:  In BrainPOP watch the movie “Binary”


Memorial Day Video

Continue to practice your Multiplication Facts throughout the summer with these 30 Fun, Hands-on Ways to Practice Multiplication


***Additional to the activities above, we would like your children to continue accessing iReady lessons twice a week for 30 minutes for ELA and twice a week for 30 minutes for math as these are tailored to their specific strengths and needs.  We would also like them to continue to read daily for 20-30 minutes.  We would also like your children to continue to review their math skills such as addition/subtraction fact families and multiplication tables daily.


Monday is Memorial Day! 
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Fun Friday Meetings: B8 9am, B10 9:30am, B5 10am
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