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General Enrichment Activities


These are general enrichment activities that families can access right away prior to April 7th.  Teachers and staff are working on specific resources and enrichment activities for your children in specific grade levels and content areas that we will share on our website on April 7th.  Each grade level will have specific links to the continual review and enrichment activities for your children to access until April 30th.

The following are resources provided through the Department of Education as support for families.







All of the students registered at Red Hill Elementary have continual access to iReady ELA and Math.  They have access to their own differentiated lessons. While in school, the students usually access ELA for 30 minutes twice a week and 30 minutes twice a week for Math.  If you do not have their clever login badge, please type in their student id# and their birthdate (MMDDYYYY) for their password to access. Students can access iReady more than the 60 minutes for each subject area, but we stress that they do the lessons without assistance as it is truly the things they need to work on independently.


Scholastic Learn at Home

This is a site to access reading activities at home.  There are articles and read- a-louds.



Storyline Online

This site is great for families to access read-aloud videos of stories for children.



Get Epic

This site is great to access a list of books that are leveled for students so that students can continue to read while at home and without access to the library.




This site is a great site for students to do math games.  The Thinkingblocks section has videos to help student see how model drawing works as well as additional model drawing problems to practice.




This site is a great way for student to play math games and work on their skills at the same time.


Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a resource for all ages and content areas.  This resource is great for students to practice skills they have been learning as well as brushing up on some previous skills they might need some refreshing on in previous grades.



Freedom Homeschooling

This site provides various virtual field trips for your children to explore and learn about to support for social studies.



Go Noodle

Many of the teachers at the school use this free site when we have rainy days or if the kids just need a break!  There are lots of videos for the students to dance to and follow along.




ABCya is a great resource, with over 400 high-quality games that have been carefully crafted to maximize learning.



PBS Kids

This site is great to support academics while playing games!




This site is geared for lower elementary students to learn and play at the same time.