Grade 2

These activities are shared to provide support to families and students. They serve as reinforcement and enrichment, so if your child is not familiar with a topic, you can skip it or try it! You do not have to do these in order.

Red Hill Weekly Choice Board

Grade: 2,  Week: 7

Directions: The following activities have been compiled by the grade level to support the review of concepts that have been covered from quarter 1-3.  Each of the following activities are suggested for your child to complete throughout the week posted. This is a way for your families to adjust to your schedules at home and for students to have a choice as to when they would like to complete the activities throughout the week.  Each activity shouldn’t take more than about 20-30 minutes to complete.




Social Studies

Free Choice

Story: The Last Day of School

Operations and Algebraic Thinking Game:

What is Science Activity:

Activity: Aloha Packet

Pull, Shoot, and Score


Number and Operations in Base Ten Game:

What is Engineering Activity:


Racing Paper Caterpillars

Reading Skill:

Measurement Game:

Solids, Liquids, and Gases Activity:


Dance Party Choice Board


Fluency Practice:

Pushes and Pulls Activity:


At Home Scavenger Hunt

***Additional to the activities above, we would like your children to continue accessing iReady lessons twice a week for 30 minutes for ELA and twice a week for 30 minutes for math as these are tailored to their specific strengths and needs.  We would also like them to continue to read daily for 20-30 minutes. We would also like your children to continue to review their math skills such as addition/subtraction fact families and multiplication tables daily.***