Access to Red Hill Elementary School

October 20, 2017 To Parents and Guardians of Red Hill Elementary School, Thank you for being patient and understanding during the construction of the Moanalua Hillside Apartment project. Beginning next week, the security entrance to the apartments will be manned. Apartment management has agreed to keep the arms of the security gates up before school begins and just before school ends Monday through Friday. This will allow you to use either the left or right hand lanes while entering the apartment complex. If you are coming to school at any other times when the gates are down, please use the right hand lane to check in with the security guard. You will need to inform them that you are going to Red Hill Elementary School and they will allow you access. As you pass the security gate please be aware that there may be other vehicles entering at the same time in the other lane. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call the office at (808) 305-1530. Thank you, Mr. Rory Vierra Principal Red Hill Elementary School