WAIEA Water brings clean water to Red Hill Elementary

Aloha Red Hill families,
In light of our recent water issues at Red Hill, we have partnered with WAIEA Water to provide our school with a sustainable water solution.
The WAIEA Water foundation, which is WAIEA water's official charity, was kind enough to provide our school with several small atmospheric water generators (AWG). These AWG use the humidity in the air to produce clean and safe water for students and staff to use. These small AWG are the first step towards the bigger goal, which is to provide a 100 gallon AWG for red hill to use by raising $50,000.
To make this happen, WAIEA water will donate a portion of their online and in-store sales to this project. Alternatively, a GoFundMe campaign has been started named "Bring Clean Drinking Water to Red Hill Students".
This is just one of the many good deeds that WAIEA water has done; one of their more recent projects was in Fiji, where they installed a large-scale, solar-powered AWG system in a remote village to provide them with fresh water.
To learn more about WAIEA water, you can visit their website: waieawater.com
Our story with WAIEA water has also been showcased on KHON2's Living808 segment:
Attached below is a PDF statement from WAIEA water on the situation.