May Day Announcements and Reminders - Friday May 24, 2019

May Day Announcements and Reminders!!!

May 24th Dismissal

Friday, May 24th will be a 1:15 dismissal due to the May Day Program.

Sign-out procedures

Some families plan to take their students home after May Day has ended.  Please do not forget that students are to be signed out from their classrooms after the May Day Program has ended.  They are not to be signed out from the upper field as the teacher must stay with the rest of the class and classrooms will be locked.  Students must also return their chairs to the classrooms after the May Day Program is complete. There will be a sign-out sheet for parents who will be taking their children out early from school in each classroom.


At the end of the Program, students will return to the classrooms and they will make sure they give their teachers their costumes and leis that were borrowed.


Please remember that parking will be very limited.  There will be no parking in the school's parking lot during the performance. The parking lot is reserved for faculty and staff of Red Hill Elementary School. Families have permission from Moanalua Hillside apartments to park in the numbered stalls only for the May Day program (8:30-11:00).  We also encourage parents to carpool or walk up to the school for May Day. Also please do not park along the right side of the driveway leading up to the school (area where cars line up to pick up students at the end of the day). If you need to drop off family members at the top of the turn around and park below in the apartments you may do so.


We ask that families use their discretion when taking photographs or videos at the May Day Ceremony and other school events. We also ask of the families to consider the privacy of other students who may be also present in those pictures. We would appreciate if families not upload images of students other than their own to the Internet (e.g. your own personal YouTube or Facebook accounts). Your understanding is appreciated.

Family seating:

Please be considerate of others when observing the ceremony. We wish for all to see their children perform. Be mindful of your camera and chair set up as not to block the view of others.