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Red Hill Elementary participates in a community recycling program in partnership with Recycle Hawaii . A recycling bin is located in the parking lot of the school for the community's use. Families are encouraged to take recyclables--aluminum cans, glass bottles, plastic soda bottles and milk jugs, and newspaper--out of your household waste and place them in the recycling bin. Revenues from the sale of the recyclable materials goes to the school and is used for campus beautification purposes. Please sort the recyclables at home in bags or boxes and bring them to the school for deposit in the Recycle Hawaii campus container. The container is divided into two sections; one for paper and the other for containers. The types of items that may be recycled are: paper--newspaper and white and colored Xerox paper; containers--aluminum beverage cans, plastic soda and milk bottles, and clear, green and brown glass bottles and jars. Do not recycle aerosol cans, scrap metal, tin cans, aluminum foil, mirrors, light bulbs, window glass, magazines, or junk mail.