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Student Accident Insurance

The Board of Education has authorized that private insurance companies may provide Student Accident Insurance. The Student Accident Insurance Plan will be made available to students through the Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company. The Department of Education requires that all students going on school-sponsored field trips be covered with medical insurance. NOTE: Kaiser, HMSA, Travelers, Military, DSSH Welfare Plans, etc...may cover your children. Please check your coverage under any of these medical Plans.
If a student has no medical coverage, parents are urged to consider at least Plan "B" which is at-school protection for the entire year, and on field trips, for $17.00/school year. As an alternative, if a student is not covered under any insurance plan, parents my purchase Tripster Insurance Plan at $4.00 per student field trip. Please read the application form carefully. Applications were given to each child on the first day of school. Insurance may be purchased at any time. However, by submitting an application form prior to September 30th, students will be covered from the first day of school.